Monday, October 20, 2014

Preview - 24 Stunden Comic 2014

Der 24-StundenComicAnlass in Winterthur war auch dieses Jahr sehr gelungen. Trotz leichter Erkältung habe ich auch diesmal die 24 Seiten geschafft. Den Comic werde ich möglichst bald digitalisieren und online hochladen. Oben ein erster Einblick.

drawing booklet 28 - part 30

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Koffermarkt Solothurn - 8.11.2014

Gemeinsam mit Helen Aerni bin ich auch dieses Jahr wieder am Koffermarkt in Solothurn! Unter wird dort mein neuer Postkarten-Adventskalender erhältlich sein.
Mehr Infos zum Anlass unter kofferschä

drawing booklet 28 - part 26

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Comic-Collab #037 "Schwarz und Weiss"

writing by Gabriel Andres, drawings by me.
translation into Swahili by Joel Andres, see:

Comic-Collab #037 "Schwarz und Weiss" - TeilnehmerInnen:
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Übersetzung / Translation English - Swahili - English:

I used to help my mother
Nilikuwa nimemsaidia mama yangu
[I-past-be I-ve-her-helped mother of-me] 

carrying groceries home
kupeleka vyakula nyumbani
[to-cause-to-go foods home]

I used to play with the others
Nilikuwa nimecheza na watu wengine
[I-past-be I-ve-played with people other] 

before I did my chores
kabla ya kufanya shughuli yangu
[before of to-do work mine]

At school I tried my best
Shuleni nilijitahidi
[At-school I-past-tryHard] 

but there was too much unrest
ila makelele yalikuwa mengi
[except noises they-past-were many]

As a youngster I got
Kama kijana nilipata
[like young-Boy I-past-found]

money – a lot
hela nyingi
[money many]

more than I've ever seen
nyingi zaidi sijawahi
[many more Inot-yet-experienced]

my parents said to me
Wazazi wangu waliniambia
[Parents ofmine they-past-me-told] 

“You go out and see
Uondoke na tafuta
[You-depart and search]

a world where you've never been
Mahali pengine
[Place other]

I traveled a lot
Nilisafiri sana
[I-past-travel very] 

and some places I got to
baadhi ya maeneo ambayo nilifika
[and few of places which I-past-reached] 

I'd never wanted to see
sikutaka kuyaona
[Inot-past-want to-them-see]

And some people I met
Na baadhi ya watu ambao nilikutana nao
[And few of people which I-past-meet with-them] 

that I'd rather forget
niliachana nao kwa sababu
[I-past-letGo ofThem with reason] 

were a bad influence on me
walinishawishi nifanye vitu vibaya
[They-ve-me-persuade I-make things bad] 

But not all accidents are bad
Si kila ajali ni mbaya
[Not every accident is bad] 

and with all the luck I had
Na kwa bahati nilipata
[And with luck I-past-found] 

I was confident

that it wasn't all spent

but the bureaucracy drove me mad
ila utawala ulinifanya kichaa
[except regime it-past-me-make crazy]

I took the chance of life
Nilichagua nafasi ya maisha
[I-past-choose opportunity of life] 

I advanced despite of strife
Nilisogea mbele hata nilipata ugomvi
[I-past-moveTowards front evenThough I-past-found quarreling]  

I worked hard to earn
Nilifanya kazi kwa bidii kupata 
[I-past-make work with effort to-find]

the respect of my peers
Heshima ya watu
[Respect of people]

And yet for some reason
Ila bado kwa sabubu fulani
[Except still with reason not-known] 

I still live in fear
Naishi na hofu 
[I-present-live with fear.]