Sunday, July 21, 2013

Visualisations of research processes

EN: The following visualisations I did for a project week (with students) about qualitative research in our research project "Zeichnen - Reden" (BFH, Projektleitung Ruth Kunz). Here without the proper explanations they might seem very abstract, and I won't explain in detail because this still is a Blog about drawing and not research. But I still like to show them, because I'm interested this "structural" and explanatory way of drawing and searching for useful forms.

DE: Die folgenden Visualisierungen sind für eine Blockwoche (mit Studierenden) über Qualitative Unterrichsforschung in unserem Forschungsprojekt "Zeichnen - Reden" (BFH, Projektleitung Ruth Kunz). Ohne mündliche/schriftliche Ergänzung, worum's nun genau geht, sind die Zeichnungen vermutlich sehr abstrakt. Da's in diesem Blog ums Zeichnen geht, werde ich das ungeklärt belassen - und dennoch möchte ich die Visuals zeigen, denn: mich interessieren diese erklärenden, strukturierenden Arten des Zeichnens.

Die drei ersten, "allgemeinen" Visualisierungen (Hermeneutische Spirale nach Peez, Interaktion, ...) sind angelehnt an in Fachpublikationen gedruckten grafiken, nun von Hand (und leicht angepasst) umgesetzt.

Monday, July 8, 2013

AJB - commission work - wimmelbild

This is another commission work I really enjoied. The "wimmelbild" is used in an information film about the AJB (Amt für Jugend und Berufsberatung). The building site is of course only a metaphor, but a very nice motive to draw. During the information film the camera moves throught the site, focusing on some of the details and a narrator explains the different functions/areas of expertise of the AJB. Again the concept/script and the animation/filming was done by the LerNetz AG Bern. Unfortunately the film can not be watched online right now... but it should be possible later!

Saturday, July 6, 2013

commission work - zhaw 2013

The following work I realized for an "info-film" where my part was illustrating (LerNetz Ag did the filming). The pictorial elements are imitating roughly the style of the client institution's logo. The images are more drawing than pictograms. That's the first time I work with this kind of style. All in all interesting challenge.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

commission work - epa 2013 (1)

Another commission work for an "info-film", where I did the illustrations (but not the filming ;-). Here the realism of the style was important, as well as the choice of colours (matching the CI of the client institution).